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As a local Insurance Broker we understand the value of local markets and relationships. Having built relationships with our specialist insurers over 4 decades we have access to insurance markets all over the world and we’ll work with your existing insurers and international arms to keep you covered.

As you are operating on a global scale we ensure your products are covered - whether that’s during transit or global operations.

As part of our corporate service we build a team specific to your needs and objectives to help guide, assist and advice you in all areas of General Insurance and Financial Services. This is vital to ensuring you have the correct protection and service to make sure that any exposures to risk are dealt with efficiently and effectively allowing your business to work at its most efficient level.

We communicate on various levels – face-to-face reviews, risk management guidance, general insurance and business sector advice along with giving you digital points of contact, reference and support materials through many of our extended services/offerings.

Should the worst happen, your dedicated corporate team will guide you through the process, from reporting it to the insurance company to working with you to resolve the claim to your satisfaction.

We’ll keep you updated and handle everything for you, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.

Products & Services

  • Worldwide Insurance Cover Procurement
  • International Products Liability
    - Worldwide or Specified regions
    - Specialist covers for USA market
  • Global Business Operations
  • Group Busines Travel Policies

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