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Helping you understand your personal financial risks in the event of the unforeseen, securing your family’s long-term security.

Nobody knows what’s around the corner in life but that doesn’t mean that you cannot take financial planning steps to protect your family. One of the most under-analysed areas of financial planning is Life & Family Protection with a great many people not covered or insufficiently covered in the event of their death or illness.

Many primary earners have life cover to repay their mortgage in the event of death but have no provision for providing an income to the surviving spouse. Equally, the value of a non-working spouse is often ignored for the purposes of insurance but the additional costs to the working spouse in the event of losing childcare can be very large.

It is not always the case that all cover is needed but spending some time with one of our advisers will help you consider all of the eventualities and order your priorities.

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  • Term Assurance
    - Level
    - Decreasing

  • Family Income benefit
  • Income protection
  • Mortgage Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Whole of Life - click here


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