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Nurturing your family’s wealth and ensuring seamless transition between generations.

With increasing property prices and no recent increases to the nil rate inheritance tax band, more and more people have to pay inheritance tax. Currently, tax charges* are 40% of your qualifying estate above your banding which can seriously detriment your family’s future prospects i.e. forcing them to sell the family home in order to repay a tax bill.

Situations like this happen at a difficult time for a family - the last thing they need is to worry about any financial liabilities on the estate. This is why Trust, Estate and Inheritance tax planning is crucial to your overall investment/financial objectives.

Effective early planning means that simple steps can alleviate or potentially remove entirely a future tax liability.

Areas where we can help :-

  • Gifting Advice to children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, other family or friends.
  • Trust planning to ensure benefits are secured to the right beneficiary, away from tax liabilities
  • Whole of Life Assurance – giving you life cover for the rest of your life covering any potential liability on the estate.

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