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At Financial Affairs we are customer focused and conscious on task, maintaining good relationships with clients and new customers. A friendly, welcoming atmosphere is always inside our offices in the centre of Burnley, Lancashire. There are no pretentious attributes in any of our staff, our professional approach is usually complimentary of a good natured individual.    

Financial Affairs can provide up to £1200 per year  for undergraduate studies and up to £2,500 for graduate-level coursework through it’s Tuition Programme. For the right individual this offer can see you make a major advancement financially in your career and lifestyle. Through the new programme, we want the new student/employee staff member to consider taking seriously a career in finance.  

 In a financial services role there are always opportunities to have strategic involvement in a variety of programmes. In higher roles you will have direct impact on the decision making process. The more client facing and customer handling roles you engage in, a help in building excellent communication skills, the more this becomes imperative for the high position and larger client handling.

How to send us your CV

Please send a detailed CV of your commercial history and relevant qualifications. If you’re a new starter and are considering a career in the financial sector then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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