Day to day servicing of your Account.

Our team of experienced and professional commercial brokers will ensure that your risk is best represented within the market place whilst being broked, ensure that your portfolio has maximum market exposure and that the day-to-day servicing of your account is given utmost priority. We are committed to risk management and are continually helping to improve our clients’ exposure to risk and subsequent marketability.



Family Progression…

Laurence O’Connor is the managing director of Financial Affairs after taking over the position from his father Michael in 2012 at the age of just 27. Working across all areas of the business, Laurence is a familiar face to most of our clients and is likely to be your first point of contact at Financial Affairs. A qualified financial adviser with an in depth knowledge of commercial, corporate and personal insurance, Laurence’s day-to-day focus is the smooth running of both sides of the business, with a keen eye on the future and new ways to drive the company forward.

Laurence is proud to work alongside his brother Gavin and their team of loyal and long-serving staff.



Laurence O'Connor BA (hons) DipPFS Cert CII Cert CII (MP)
Managing Director

John Hardman
Corporate & Business Insurance Manager

Helen Guy
Account Executive

Helena Tregay DIP CII
Account Executive

Jackie Hartley
Fleet Account Executive


Melanie Brooks Cert CII
Fleet Department

Caroline Lo-Giudice
Fleet Claims Specialist






Gavin O'Connor Cert CII

Nicola Wearne
Personal & Small Business Account Executive

Leisha Johnston
Personal & Small Business Account Executive

Lindsay Sturdy
Personal & Small Business Administrator






Alan Walsh BA (hons) DipPFS
Financial Services Manager

Rebecca Morrison Cert CII (MP)
Senior Financial Services Administrator

Shannon Kelly
Financial Services Administrator



Sarah Hirst
Financial Services Administrator






Accounts Department


Join The Team

At Financial Affairs we are customer focused and conscious on task, maintaining good relationships with clients and new customers. A friendly, welcoming atmosphere is always inside our offices in the centre of Burnley, Lancashire. There are no pretentious attributes in any of our staff, our professional approach is usually complimentary of a good natured individual.    

Financial Affairs can provide up to £1200 per year  for undergraduate studies and up to £2,500 for graduate-level coursework through it’s Tuition Programme. For the right individual this offer can see you make a major advancement financially in your career and lifestyle. Through the new programme, we want the new student/employee staff member to consider taking seriously a career in finance.  

 In a financial services role there are always opportunities to have strategic involvement in a variety of programmes. In higher roles you will have direct impact on the decision making process. The more client facing and customer handling roles you engage in, a help in building excellent communication skills, the more this becomes imperative for the high position and larger client handling.

How to send us your CV

Please send a detailed CV of your commercial history and relevant qualifications. If you’re a new starter and are considering a career in the financial sector then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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